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The Makwa Foundation and Parc Omega join forces to save the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike.


Once present in Quebec, the Loggerhead Shrike is now reduced to two very small populations in Southern Ontario and is classified as "endangered." Fortunately, thanks to the support of the Makwa Foundation, Parc Omega has been able to welcome four pairs of birds with the aim of captive breeding to later release the juveniles and thus increase the population in the wild.

Since their arrival in autumn 2023, the birds have been living in a dedicated conservation area at Parc Oméga. With the arrival of spring, males and females will be carefully chosen to form pairs and thus, produce the future generation of Loggerhead Strikes.

Under the watchful eye and care of Vicky Carrière, around fifteen juveniles are expected to be released into nature in the fall. See our Bird Cupid in action by clicking here (French Video only)

This project, essential for the survival of the species, is carried out in collaboration with Wildlife Preservation Canada. We are proud to be the only ones in Quebec to carry out this project, in which only 3 institutions at the national level and six at the international level are involved

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