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  • Eve Senneville

Symposium d’art in situ, Imagine, sow, harvest

The Symposium d'art in situ is a biennial artistic event coordinated by the Centre d'action culturelle de la MRC de Papineau and supported by numerous partners, including the Makwa Foundation. This creation and dissemination initiative showcases professional artists invited to create works of public art, outdoors and in front of an audience, in a village of the MRC de Papineau. The event's overarching theme, linked to the identity of the host municipality, gives impetus to the artists' creative process, and offers the public a key to appreciating and reading the works.

It is part of a vision to develop cultural tourism in Petite Nation. Cultural tourism in a municipality or MRC is a form of tourism that aims to promote the heritage, diversity and creativity of a territory. It enables visitors and citizens to discover and appreciate a region's cultural riches, including its history, architecture, traditions, festivals, museums, attractions and more. It also enables residents to strengthen their sense of belonging and local pride - another feat accomplished by the Centre d'action culturelle, which has developed solid expertise in staging this kind of event over the years.

From September 9 to 17, 2023, the Symposium took place in the municipality of Papineauville under the theme: Imagine, sow, harvest. Seven professional artists were invited to create a sustainable sculptural work in the heart of the municipality, and were truly inspired by the theme, their works bearing witness to this, as did the interest of citizens, passers-by and tourists who came in large numbers from all over, both during the creation and at the vernissage.

The Symposium went wonderfully well: the chemistry between the artists was good

naturally, they collaborated and helped each other; the stage manager, the municipal team, and the organizer had a great deal of fun in the run-up to the project and throughout the week of construction. The team's presence, thoroughness and involvement were a major factor in the event's success. Without the financial support, the event would not have been possible. The seven works now installed in the heart of Papineauville village:

- Ce que l’on sème, by Laurence Petit (collective work)

- Semence, by Jonathan Bouchard (Jobi)

- La dame aux oiseaux, by Martine-Carole Gagnon

- La Spirale matic, by Michael Kinghorn

- La tête en gigue, by Denis Charrette

- Correspondance, la sculpture anamorphique by Éric Lapointe

- Confettis de joie, by Hélène Béland-Robert

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