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Achievements & Reports

Bird inventories in Parc Oméga, 2023

Rapport d'inventaire des nichoirs, 2023

Développement ornithologies Argenteuil (DOA) conducted bird inventories in Parc OMÉGA in 2023. The aim of these inventories was to determine the different bird species that use specific sections of the park, representing typical habitats found within it. At least 77 bird species were inventoried!  Read the French report.

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Kenauk Institute Internship Program

The Kenauk Institute internship program is grateful for the opportunity to take a guided tour of Omega Park. The knowledge of the park, the animals and the work being done is invaluable to this program and gives students an intimate experience with animals that would not be possible elsewhere. These types of opportunities open their eyes to new career paths, fuel their passion for wildlife conservation and give them unforgettable memories.

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Summary of our accomplishments

We are proud to share with you the wonderful achievements of the Makwa Foundation during the year 2023. Read the English report

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